Helpful Information for Clients
Client Portal

Welcome to South Shore Counseling & Psychological Services! This page is to help you to become familiar with my paperless office and guide you through the initial steps of completing your paperwork.

Once your initial appointment is scheduled you have choices for completing the initial paperwork:

  • paperless: electronic paperwork completed through the client portal

  • traditional: hard copy paperwork completed at home or in the office before your appointment

Please remember – if you would prefer to fill out hard copy paperwork you are very welcome to. I am very happy to provide you with a paper copy through e-mail or at my office. I am also happy to schedule your appointments for you. I have clients who do both – and either is fine. It’s whatever you are most comfortable with! I want this process to be easy, and I know some people prefer online access and some prefer pen and paper.

Whether you decide to do your paperwork online or at the office – it is completely confidential and no one will see it other than me. I use a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record (EMR) which securely stores your information.

After scheduling your first appointment, I will e-mail you an invitation to join the Client Portal. This will allow you to input your demographic and insurance information, complete the intake, view information about the office, and review the HIPAA privacy statement. If you prefer to complete the hard copy paperwork just let me know. I will e-mail it to you to complete at home or have it ready for you when you arrive (please make sure to arrive at your appointment 20  minutes early). Whichever you prefer.

Navigating the Client Portal

When you accept the invitation for the client portal, please set up your account using a computer.  There are three parts to the Client Portal: intake paperwork, demographic information, and insurance/billing information. When you log in and set your password, the first thing you will see is this main page. It asks for some basic information and contains a link to the intake paperwork. Please click on the link to complete it (the link is in blue right above the “save profile” button).

Demographic Information

Once you’ve completed the intake information, please finish entering your information by clicking on the tabs in the black box at the top of the page. When you are finished, click the green “save demographic information” button.

Billing & Insurance Information

Next to the demographic tab you will see the billing & insurance tab. If you are using BCBS, please use your card to enter in the relevant information (please include your copay amount). This will help me in obtaining authorization for services. When you are finished, click the green “save changes” button.

You’re all set!

Thank you for completing the initial paperwork – I really look forward to meeting you!